English consultation 

Relationships are built on communication and understanding.  For this reason, the personal and emotional nature of psychological consultations may feel more approachable and meaningful when speaking in one’s native language, or the language in which we feel most comfortable.

The ability to offer Psychotherapy in English gives us a greater flexibility not only to reach out to those who have recently arrived in Portugal but also to members of the international community who have been resident here for some time. This may also benefit those who have spent time living abroad and for whom speaking English has become second nature. 

Consultations in English can be offered for Adults,Children and Couples. We also offer EMDR Therapy and consultations for Psychiatry in English.

If you think you would benefit from Psychotherapy in English you can contact us to request an appointment. 

The appointment must be made exclusively to the email geral.linha@catarinalucas.pt



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